Frontlines: Fuel of War - "Darkness Falls"


  • Writing
  • Cinematic Direction
  • VO Direction

Key Contributions:

  • Pitched original concept and led writing team to create voiceover script

  • Directed storyboard artists, key-frame animators, composers and scripters to create sequence

  • Casted all characters and directed voiceover sessions


I was brought on to the cinematics team halfway through production on Frontlines. At the time, we had not established an archetypal cinematic, nor did we have a pipeline in place to create these sequences. My role was to define that pipeline, guide the team on the creative and production side, and ensure that the narrative content and ambient tone of our first level was communicated through this sequence. Given that we had a young team and plenty of logistical hurdles, I’m extremely satisfied with the level of quality that we were able to achieve.