Homefront Single Player Prototype


  • Scripting (Unreal 3 Kismet/Matinee)
  • Writing
  • Video Editing (Final Cut Pro)

Key Contributions:

  • Wrote and pitched initial voiceover script & narrative treatment
  • Scripted cinematic events, effects and voiceover
  • Responsible for final capture, video editing and post-processing


During preproduction on Homefront (then Frontlines 2), I was responsible for writing and pitching the original narrative concept and voiceover script for the Single Player Prototype to the Kaos and THQ creative and executive teams. One of our primary goals was to achieve Call of Duty-style cinematic gameplay, so my role quickly became focused on creating that style of cinematic experience. As we wound down production, I managed the capture and editing process to ensure we had a good, clean capture with appropriately smooth "Demo Hands."