Homeworld: Resurrection - Preproduction Brief


  • Systems Design
  • Scripting (Proprietary via XML)
  • Narrative Design & Writing

Key Contributions:

  • Designed original concept and gameplay systems for a free-to-play, free-roaming, single ship-focused Homeworld title
  • Scripted gameplay, cinematic events and audio for presentation prototype
  • Work with THQ corporate creative team to develop backstory, plot and franchise direction



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Click Image for PDF

My role as creative lead on Homefront: Resurrection was to establish a high level vision, detail out core mechanics, and iterate within the constraints of the IP to secure concept approval from THQ. Specifically that meant weaving in elements of the beloved Homeworld IP with modern free-to-play itemization and mechanics. I was the primary writer, scripter and narrative designer on the project, working with the THQ creative team to create a compelling backstory and prototype that both acknowledged past Homeworld canon and opened up new possibilities for the franchise.