• Level Design (Torque)
  • Writing
  • Production

Key Contributions:

  • Principal level designer, responsible for conceptual level pitches, terrain sculpting, and gameplay integration
  • Wrote character dialog, color copy, and item descriptions
  • Served as producer, driving project to completion

RocketBowl is a retro-futuristic off-road bowling/minigolf game with a 1950's vibe....and rockets! I was the level designer on RocketBowl, responsible for integrating every element of gameplay into a dozen courses. One of our primary challenges on RocketBowl was laying out 10 sets of pins on each course. Each frame had to be an interesting vista and a challenging shot, but we wanted the player to have at least two options to hit other pin sets if they missed, thus creating a complex, highly-dependent web of pin sets. In the end, we were able to give just about every frame an interesting primary, secondary and tertiary shot, which created a great "second chance" mechanic for players.

While we had almost no money and even less time, RocketBowl would go on to win a number of awards and turned into Large Animal’s first hit title, spawning numerous supplementary products and ports.