Shadows of Siren - Content Spreadsheet


  • Systems Design
  • Scripting (Actionscript & Proprietary via XML)
  • Writing

Key Contributions:

  • Designed modular equipment system, and wrote copy for almost 1,100 ships, upgrades, and other items
  • Built all items off of archetypal "Static Values" items that provide relative balance between equipment and ship types 
  • Integrated, tuned and balanced equipment in-game



 Click image for Excel File

Click image for Excel File

With Shadows of Siren, we were faced with the need for immense modular content (weapons, shields, engines, power plants, etc.), but only a single content resource (me). With almost 1,100 playable items dynamically balanced by 84 archetypal static values, this content sheet elegantly solved the problem at hand and is one of the most satisfying projects of my career.

Starting in column Z on the Static Values tab, you can see the percentile-based performance values that ensure all base systems are balanced against each other, to create a free-to-play itemization economy that is both balanced and easily adjustable. No items go "out of bounds" in terms of raw performance and prices are all calculated based on each item type's stats.