Starfighter Inc. 


  • Writer and Executive Producer
  • Wrote Backstory, Lore & Copy
  • Directed Voiceover & Edited Video

Key Contributions

  • Worked with veteran design team to craft the fiction for a hard-science universe focused on the interplay between powerful corporations.
  • Wrote backstory documents, voiceover scripts and AI Barks, working closely with project leads to find a common voice for the game.
  • Wrote public facing copy for crowdfunding campaigns, editorial coverage and marketing collateral.

Starfighter Inc. Story & Lore: Download

As the Writer & EP for Starfighter Inc., I developed the speculative future setting, lore and live plot for the universe. By focusing on a hard science-inspired mercenary story, we were able to step away from the classic science fiction space opera standards and explore new narrative territory.